Gender, Race, and Publishing on the Left

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Jun 16 05:36:06 PDT 1998

>publically or privately? published or unpublished? so tell me, how come all
>these marxist groups are still headed by white men? point me in the
>of marxist work (of the nonfeminist variety) which discusses the
oppression of
>working class women. maggie coleman mscoleman at

This question reminds me of the ecology/"brown marxism" clash. Ecology--like feminism--on its own can not really not come to terms with the nature of the crisis, which is imbedded in the accumulation of capital. Marxism which shuns ecology as a "middle class" diversion from the working-class struggle is doomed to irrelevancy. A synthesis is required between the green and the red, just as there is between Marxism and feminism.

Louis Proyect


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