kinky sex; sexual liberation and Christian religion

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Tue Jun 16 06:51:30 PDT 1998

In "The Book of Revelations" (Progress, Vol. 2, London)In discussing the early Christian Church as a revolutionary movement, Fred Engels says: ...In the messages to the seven churches of Asia there are at least three sects mentioned, of which otherwise, we know nothing at all: the Nicolaitans, the Balaamites, and the followers of a woman typified here by the name Jezebel. Of all the three it is said that they permitted their adherents to eat of things sacrificed to idols, and that they were fond of fornication. It is a curious fact that with every great revolutionary movement the question of "free love" comes in to the foreground. With one set of people as a revolutionary progress, as a shaking off of old traditional fetters, no longer necessary; with others as a welcome doctrine, comfortably covering all sorts of free and easy practices between man and woman..."

Charles Brown

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