Constitutional Longevity. Was Religiosity...

charles brown cdehbrown at
Tue Jun 16 08:56:52 PDT 1998

>From: Dhlazare wrote:

>As for the question of whehter the US is fascist, don't be silly --
it's not.
>To insist otherwise is to alibi bourgeois liberalism, as if to say that
>because US capitalism is so massively destructive, it must be fascist

I agree that the U.S. is not fascist now. But Jim Crow was fascism for Black people, in all the essentials. It was pre-Italian fascism, but part of the rise of imperialism in the U.S., so it had the essential class characteristic and was open terrorist rule. It is important to say this to debunk the American myth of the ultimately democratic U.S., never fascist and all that.

Charles Brown

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