US Execs vs Germany, UK, France, etc.

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JayHecht at wrote:
> Folks,
> Does anyone have a data source (e.g, web site, publication) for looking at the
> relative pay of US execs vs. G-7?

The WSJ said a few weeks back that some Daimler shareholders were making nasty noises about the obscene compensation of Chrysler executives. Five times bigger than Daimler's on average, if I remember correctly. The main reason was that Daimler execs get very few stock options.

BTW, under German law, IG Metall, the German union, will get 9 of 20 seats on the board of the combined company, UAW 1 (the Germans are working to change the law and increase UAW's representation). Are the Yanks at Chrysler about to get a serious pay cut? Why did they agree to have the company incorporated under German law?

> Jason

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