Constitutional Longevity. Was Religiosity...

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Well, there's also the small matter of wiping out a whole culture. But why quibble. And it's so sloppy!

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Lou writes:
> >relatively small in comparison to the genocides attempted
> >against the Jews and the Armenians in the modern era.
> >Barkley Rosser
> Yes, but they must have seemed exceedingly large to the Tasmans themselves...

Yes. And this in fact constitutes a difficulty in all accounts of genocide or other forms of mass slaughter. Pain (e.g., pain at the slaughter of even 1 or 2 or 3 people near to one) is an *individualist* phenomena. Hence it makes little difference to a child whose whole family is slaughtered whether that slaughter is part of a genocide or a death squad raid only on her family. This probably is not *quite* true, but it is nearly enough true to make the separation sloppy rather than clear. And of course, a black man burned to death by a lynch mob probably does not feel the experience as a genocidal one but very personal indeed.


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