Jobs and gender (was: Gender, Race, and Publishing on the Left)

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<< think those two phenomena are qualitatively different. Sexual harassment

is about using an official function on a job for personal ends of the

sexual nature - either to obtain sex or to demonstrate sexual prowess

(macho image etc.). Exclusion of women from ceratin jobs, by contrast, has

nothing to do with sexual favors - it is about enrty barriers to an

occupation. For that matter, the exclusion of women is the same kind of

phenomenon as the exclusion of, say, Blacks - its is employment

discrimination, and NOT sexual harassment.


Sexual harrassment is the primary method used to drive women out of blue collar union jobs. Break rooms full of pictures of things like women fucking animals or having their tits cut off, physical contact of an intimidating nature, etc. Sexual harrassment is used within female work places to divy up extras like overtime, flex hours, etc. You do me, and I treat you better. Tell you what Wojtek, why don't you read some of the accounts out there of life in the blue collar world first.

Sexual harrassment has two legal definitions:

1. Sexual demands which are unwanted by the recipient. 2. The creation of a sexually demeaning atmosphere.

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