Disability and class

Carrol Cox cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Thu Jun 18 19:43:43 PDT 1998

> (Doyle)
> It is condescending, and wrong headed to view this man as needing "make
> work", any more than I need "make work" or you need "make work".

Doyle, you cover a lot of territory, which makes it hard to keep the discussion focused. (On "true independence" I would object to almost any use of "true X"; it is almost always sheer platonism, or simple non-thought.)

I don't know whether you need "make-work," but as a matter of fact in a socialist system there would be make-work for me. I retired at 67, and wish I had retired at 65 because nearly half of every semester was becoming pure agony, but would "really" have liked to retire at 70 or 72. I was still a good teacher. I still enjoyed teaching. But it got to the point where no amount of paxil would see me through the last 7 weeks of the semester as the need to make out grades loomed larger and larger. Both I and the world would be better off if there were WPA-type work (make-work) for me, which involved teaching without grading.

I associate with Bill weekly; we have even had discussions about the need for work that fits him. So get rid of the personal remarks and try to focus on the substance here.

I responded at length to just part of your post because I really thought you had things to say and that exchanges on various of those things from various perspectives could lead us forward in the political understanding of the "disabled," but if all you want to do is play games over who has the best attitude, I guess I have nothing more to say. I don't have time, and I don't think anyone on this list has time, to worry over the exact wording of each post to protect themselves against such responses. If maillists have any political use, part of that use must consist in people thinking out loud with each other. I thought that was what you were doing, and it was in that mode that I tried to respond. But forget it.


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