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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu Jun 18 23:15:49 PDT 1998

>Wendy Brown:
1. One: We want the Real back. We want Truth with a capital T

2. The second thing that one might say in response to these
>>challenges is: We want materiality back.

3. What is the materiality of racism, of sexism,
>>of homophobia? And what criteria of material existence will be used to
>>locate their materiality?

Actually Doug you are a bit soft on this nonsense if you do not mind me saying so. And that is not meant as any kind of a flame.

But it is not only the stuff on the LTV that is naive but Jeezzuss knows I will have to take your word for that. But her remarks on truth are simplistic in the extrme. I am sinking under a load of marking or I would have a go here. But I will point out that the best thing on truth is of course Roy Bhaskar's model outlined in his magnum opus _Dialectic: The pulse of freedom_ and truly he presents there a solution ot the truth problem. Of especial interest is his concept of Alethia _ the reason for things not simply propositions.

Comrade Brown's problems are compounded by her implicit empiricism. Her concept of reality is very reduced indeed. Again Bhaskar's depth realism is the way forward.

Now I have to get back to my marking but the absolutley banality of the question "what is the materiality of homophobia?" has me staggared. Let me try say youung gay men committing sucide because they have interiorised the structures of oppression. Or how about a spot of plain old fashioned poofter bashing as it is so charmingly called in Australia.

If all that is too vulgarly obvious for the good professor let her try to get her mind around the notion that the reality of homophobia conists in the underlying relationality within which gay people are both constructed and trapped.

warm (getting hot under the collar) regards


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