left conservatism

jf noonan jfn1 at msc.com
Fri Jun 19 11:55:25 PDT 1998

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, James Baird wrote:

If either this definition:

> >Left Conservatism = LIBERTARIANISM, Cato Inst., New Republic, Nixon,
> echt.

Or this one below:

> I would say the exact opposite - these are more like "right radicals" -
> apologists for capital, who still want to be able to smoke dope. My
> idea of a "left conservative" (if I understand the term, I came into
> this discussion midway...) would be Pat Buchanan (or at least those who
> vote for him): anti-big business, anti NAFTA, but firmly right wing on
> most social issues.

Are definitions of anything "Left" then the word "Left" no longer has any meaning at all.


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