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Fri Jun 19 12:25:09 PDT 1998

Dear Esteemed Malgosia:

I recently sent a post to lbo-talk that was replied to twice. once, the replier sent the entire text of my original message, without any further contribution on his part, and the second reply again quoted my article in full, with just a few sentences tacked on in response.

I sincerely hope your algorithm is smart enough to detect these kind of genetic mutations of the original sender, without triggering off anti-viral responses which would be deadly to the originating host.

sincerely yours,

dr. quoted too much

Doug> Thanks to the esteemed Malgosia Askanas, lbo-talk is about

Doug> to be outfitted with a script that will count posts and

Doug> issue warnings to those emitting more than three a

Doug> day. Sanctions will range progressively

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