left conservatism

Carrol Cox cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Sat Jun 20 11:42:57 PDT 1998

Max writes:
> Dear Left-Anti-conservatives (LAC's):
> [SNIP]
> Lost in both of these lists is the difference in style
> of operation, or activities. LAC's seem to be confined
> by their rhetoric to academic settings. Their political
> practice appears to be non-existent.
> Common among LAC's of both the Judy Butler/Wendy Brown
> persuasion (and some of her critics here) is a pessimism about
> the working class and about practical politics....

I'm going to stick my neck way way out. Many of my posts have argued (or assumed) that there is no coherent left in the U.S. at the present time and for that reason either blame or praise of "the left" was mostly empty. But I will suggest that the left now exists (tenuously: I have not seen any news yet of how it plans to establish itself on a permanent basis, but I'll assume/hope it does. From now on (or, being pessimistic, until this "left" once again dissolves itself) I will assume that the task of would-be leftists is to explore how they will relate to this newly established left.

It is called the Black Radical Congress.

I wonder if Wendy would try to impose her questions (or if most would try to impose their answers or non-answers) on ths Congress.


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