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Jim heartfield Jim at heartfield.demon.co.uk
Sun Jun 21 14:04:12 PDT 1998

In message <l03130304b1b2dade33a8@[]>, Doug Henwood <dhenwood at panix.com> writes
>Jim heartfield wrote:
>>Racial and sexual oppression are indeed premissed upon relations of
>>production. However, identity politics does not find its foundation upon
>>those divisions, but on the consumption of the surplus. I don't see the
>>Women's studies courses related in any way but the most tangential to
>>the oppression of women. On the contrary, their preoccupation with the
>>symbols of oppression arises from their concern with the cultural life
>>of unproductive consumption, as opposed to the world of production.
>Any evidence for this? Or is this something it just feels good to assert?

Well, you'll have to read my book 'Need and Desire in the post-material Economy' published by Sheffield Hallam University Press in July for the evidence.

In the meantime, just relish Iran's 2-1 victory over America, and Yugoslavia's surprise 2-2 draw against favourites Germany for some truly satisfying politics of identity. -- Jim heartfield

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