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Wed Jun 24 07:29:29 PDT 1998

On Tue, 23 Jun 1998, Peter Kilander wrote:

> I've read both of the Parecon books and am holding judgement. Justin is
> right in that it depends heavily on computers. Hahnel and Albert want to
> minimize the power of "coordinators" through democratic planning. I guess it
> shouldn't, but it seems odd to me to see leftists complain about too much
> democracy. Obviously, there's a trade off between democratic planning and
> efficiency, but what do we mean exactly when we say "efficiency"? Maybe the
> trick is to steer between the Charybdis of endless meetings and the problems
> of accurate data collection and analysis and the Scylla of Leninism.

This sounds an awful lot like Ross Perot's "electronic democracy" with referenda on everything. Yuck.


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