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Wed Jun 24 10:48:27 PDT 1998

I agree with Maggie that Marx was an economist (political economist). He was also an important contributor to other academic disciplines. But he ended up focussing in political economy, considering _Capital_ his masterpiece.

However, on the specific issue raised here, Marx was not in a university DEPARTMENT. He was not dependent upon the system for his livlihood, such as it was. The only "capital" his intellectual production was wedded to was Engels of Engels and Erman, and Fred was the most anti -capitalist capitalist of all times.

Charles Brown

>>> <MScoleman writes:

yoshie writes:

<< It is understandable if the lit + theory crowd are more progressive,

generally speaking, than scholars in econ + poli sci. After all,

intellectual production in the econ + poli sci departments is much more

tightly wedded to the interests of capital.>>


ah, um, well, marx was an economist. maggie coleman

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