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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Jun 28 09:05:46 PDT 1998

> Joe Wood's ed volume on Malcolm X (what makes
>his radicalism so interesting is that Malcolm and the NOI had cooperated
>with the KKK in terrorizing integration activists). But I am not
>interested in debate with him.

Rakesh, you can unsub from lbo-talk by sending the message "unsub lbo-talk" to majordomo at It's too bad that you don't have the guts to defend your left conservativism here. The notion that Malcolm X and the NOI "cooperated with the KKK in terrorizing integration activists" is a lie worthy of Goering. The KKK murdered civil rights activists, while the NOI denounced integration as a waste of time. That you can spread such disinformation makes me worry for the state of the American university in light of your ambition to teach multicultural education.

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