Dennis R Redmond dredmond at
Fri May 1 21:57:12 PDT 1998

On Fri, 1 May 1998, Gar W. Lipow wrote:

> Start with your own vision -- however vague of what kind of world you hope
> for.

My utopia involves peace, love, lots of iced-tea in the summer, and most of all the single, solitary keystroke which launches an untraceable Kuang Six hack on Citibank's corporate ice and submarines $257 billion in assets to assorted Third World cooperatives, while annulling my student loans ($75,000 and counting, I should hit the century mark by the turn of the millenium). I know, it's kind of a greedy utopia, but ya gotta dream!

> Assume your vision will win, and imagine yourself a historian fifty
> years from now explaining how your side won.

"Well, it all began with a single cyberappeal put out by a certain Chinese programmer, who was pissed off about staff cuts at Microsoft's Sezchuan service-center, and e-mailed an ice-cutting code which could hack its way through all the corporate databanks then in existence to the new Techworkers of the World Union listserv in Hong Kong..."

You get the idea. Working fingers of the world's keyboards... webunite!

-- Dennis

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