The Press and SE Asia

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Oct 1 08:05:02 PDT 1998

Michael Cohen wrote:

>Its so annoying not having a decent press with a wide range of reporting here.
>Also exceedingly lacking is a good Labor press. Whats lacking not so much
>wing or Marxist analysis by
>but solid news reporting with a wide ranging point of view.

Ah, but we have a lively "alternative" press. Just keep those subscription checks rolling in, of course!

>I have another question. The published Bureau of Labor Statistics
>rate for
>Japan is 4.2 percent which is the worse it has been since 1975 and
>increased a couple of percent in two years. Is this really an accurate

Yeah, more or less. Unemployment numbers can be unreliable, since workers can drop out of the labor force if they despair of finding work, and so no longer appear in the denominator of the unemployment formula. But there's been no significant decline in employment in Japan - the employment/population ration, for example, has been remarkably flat, even for women, who in the past have been sent home in tough times. Ordinary Japanese have felt almost no impact from the supposed depression, and many are even taking joy in the suffering of the financiers.


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