the downside of the Greens

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Thu Oct 1 09:26:26 PDT 1998

>Re MBS': "In the U.S. you can find people who
>ignore or discount the extent to which
>our tax system actually does tax the rich
>for the sake of embellishing their more-
>radical-than-thou alternative."
>Not me, Max! Seeing the staggering tax burden the wealthy operate under in
the NY metro area, I'm constantly astonished they have the strength to open their limo doors and go to "work" every day. I'm sure they appreciate your solicitude.>

Carl Carl Carl. Good to have you back. Louis has been quiet today, or maybe frolicking with his NYU menage-a-trois.

Unfortunately, I'd have to say my tireless efforts on behalf of the rich have not been well rewarded at all. They are more enamoured of people like Alex Cockburn and Chris Hitchens. Obviously I got no chic.


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