the most common leveraged purchase

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Fri Oct 2 03:44:34 PDT 1998

Jeff Levin wrote:
>While the 3% downpayment loans make housing more affordable for people for
>whom the principal barrier was inability to amass the requisite savings....

Yeah Jeff, and don't forget the points! And don't forget that if you're talking really low income, you're talking about a house that will be in need of repairs--that is if you can find a decent house that you can afford to begin with.

Greg Nowell wrote:
>>The situation is complicated by various taxes and fees
>>which interfere with the investment's liquidity.
>>Moreover one tends to live in one's house so the
>>cost-of-interest is mixed up with the quality of life

This is such a shame isn't it? I don't know why those foolish poor people confuse investment strategies with concerns about their quality of life. So irrational.


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