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John K. Taber jktaber at
Fri Oct 2 05:08:36 PDT 1998

Peter Kilander wrote:
> As capitalism continues to commodify -water, healthcare, genes, etc.- is it
> wrong to say that there's currently an attempt to "decommodify" the computer
> operating system? Linux has been in the news lately
> (scroll down)
> There seems to be a question of whether the graphical user interface will be
> free.
> I've also read that it won't be a strong competitor until applications are
> created for it.

I thought that Linux has a graphical user interface, X-Windows, the same as for Unix. Or, is X-Windows for Linux a purchase item?

What I see going on is the beginnings of the expropriation of a communal operating system. Linux is free, with a Stallman "copyleft" (instead of "copyright"). Yet, it is already being packaged and sold.

I would hope that this communal operating system can be kept communal, and in the tradition of Stallman's GNU.

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- Alan Greenspan to the Senate Budget Committee, Sept 23, 1998

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