Republican Party Advances in California...

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Sun Oct 4 21:31:35 PDT 1998

Brad De Long wrote from California:
> W. Kiernan wrote from far Florida:
> >
> > Yeah, but sometimes the mother-fucker just plain makes you puke,
> > you go into the ballot booth and it's like there's a steel bar
> > shackled to your wrist prohibiting you from casting that
> > strategically desirable vote against the worser of the two shits.
> > That's the way it was with me in '96, right after that now-infamous
> > sex-maniac delivered the coup de grace to AFDC.
> And, somewhere, Lee Atwater was grinning a s***-eating grin, and
> giving Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy high fives...

Why? Because their man lost by a half a vote less than otherwise?

Lots more likely those ghosts were high-fiving each other about almost half the voters and a solid majority of the working class not even bothering, rather than resigning themselves to voting in a one-party system with two effectively indistinguishable candidates.

Still I can't help feeling, that sullen silent half has got to make those creeps worry some. How can they trust in the continued cooperation of so big a mass of guys who won't say a word?

So who's running as a third party in California, that you all can vote for as a protest vote? And how the Hell did a guy like Davis ever make it on to the California ballot as a Democrat? I mean, it's not as though we in Florida can talk so superior about it; one time I had to vote Republican for a Circuit Judge or something like that, because the Democrat candidate was, no kidding, a graduate of the KKK. But your clown Davis is notorious even as far away as here.

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