Marshall Plan & K flight

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Oct 5 20:47:18 PDT 1998

>William S. Lear wrote, as did Brad De Long:
>>Goldman Sachs
>So an occasional poster on this list I saw in Washington this weekend
>happened to sit next to Joe Stiglitz on a flight from Ottawa to DC. He said
>Stiglitz said that (while at the CEA) he'd proposed to Clinton making a
>matrix of winners and losers (workers, industry groups, etc.) from
>administration policies. Clinton said it sounded good, but he should run it
>past Treasury. Treasury nixed it because, as Stiglitz put it, Goldman Sachs
>would have come out on top.

I believe that when I worked for the Treasury I did a draft of the chart.

I recall that if I did *proportional* income gains, I was able to get the highest *proportional* gain going to EITC recipients with two kids making $8,000 a year.

Let me see if I can dig it out, if I brought it out of Washington...

Working families! Play by the rules! Make the rich who benefited most from the debt-induced financial orgy of the 1980s pay their fair share! End welfare as we know it! If everyone has a right to a lawyer, everyone should have a right to a doctor! No American family with a full-time worker should be poor! Expand markets for American exports! Invest in America! Invest in America's people! Put people first! I still believe in a Place Called Hope! Fry now, eat your pie later!

Sorry. I don't know what came over me.


Brad DeLong

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