Speculation on speculators

Picciotto, Sol s.picciotto at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Oct 6 06:50:43 PDT 1998

I thought Plender's was a great article.

Another choice quote from the FT was Robert Chote, who pointed out that agreeing on 'reforming the architecture of the global financial system' would be easier if its architects stopped throwing the bricks at each other (referring to the failure of G7 to agree even on reducing interest rates, let alone anything else).



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> Thought this was a choice quote, from the Financial Times' John
> Plender's column on "Western Crony Capitalism" (10/4):
> "If there is something genuinely unusual in the present crisis, it is
> that the doyen of the hedge fund managers, George Soros himself, is
> arguing for draconian re-regulation. In effect, his message is: 'Stop me
> before I kill again.' As one seasoned analyst remarks, while Mr Soros
> worries upstairs about the world, his manager Stanley Druckenmiller asks
> all comers below, "what should I be shorting today?" Do the policymakers
> in Washington have the will to rise to Mr Soros's challenge?"
> Carl Remick

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