Avoid the Passive Voice

jf noonan jfn1 at msc.com
Tue Oct 6 09:25:59 PDT 1998

On Tue, 6 Oct 1998, Brad De Long wrote:

> You can call this political complexion whatever you want. You can even
> ignore that it exists. But it *is* a kissing cousin to Action Francaise,
> Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco, and the National Socialist German
> Workers' Party. It isn't full-blown fascism. But it is proto- or
> pseudo-fascism.
> I don't have to bury my head in the sand and pretend that we aren't hearing
> more of it from *all* directions on the political spectrum.
> And I don't have to like it either.
> Brad DeLong

You forgot to call him a self-hating Jew.


Joseph Noonan jfn1 at msc.com

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