Japanese Stimulus Package

Michael Cohen mike at cns.bu.edu
Tue Oct 6 10:29:46 PDT 1998

Does anybody know the details of the Japanese stimulus package. I was briefly watching a FNN broadcast in Japanese on my Cable Channel. With a small amount of English thrown in. It appeared to be advertizing mortgages with virtually zero interest rates, massive slashes in their income tax which they were at pains to point out would be progressive and a 30,000 yen voucher (read $2,000 dollars or so) to be handed out to each individual//family.

Is this propaganda, my misunderstanding or what actually passed? Does anybody have the facts on what the Japanese are proposing to deal with\ their crisis. Its hard to imagine anything like a $2000 cash voucher to be given to all families on the table in the US. The only thing I didn't see advertized was a Tobin Tax! What is the state of Labor Unrest, Unions in Japan at present?


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