Labor and the IMF

Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Wed Oct 7 05:40:51 PDT 1998

Dear Doug and the LBOers,

The USWA is very much opposed to current IMF policies. Our international president George Becker has spoken out strongly on this subject; I have the notes that I took of his speech to the District 1 Legislative Conference. The notes contain illustrative information that is proprietary to the USWA, and therefore I would not release them without George's approval.

>From what I have been told the UAW also has a strong ,and, even more out-spoken
opposition to IMF policies than we do. Similiar to Doug's critiques. Once again Doug has done a lot to popularize a dismal and little understood subject.

As far as the AFL-CIO goes, here in Ohio we have excellent leadership. Our state AFL-CIO president Bill Burga is the best. ( That reminds me I promised to send Bill a copy of the Harvard Boys Do Russia.)

On a national level the AFL-CIO reminds me of somthing the late Llyod McBride said about the so-called progressive unions, " great fight, great struggle...and your still five dollars an hour behind us". Or as one steelworker pundit put it about the SEIU, " this so-called progressive union is nothing but a dues collection machine, but, they do have cute organizers."

Even better, I remember when a steelworker civil rights advocate, told a couple of "progressive" SEIU chest pounders on TV, " yeah, I remember when your union had JIM CROW locals...the steelworkers has never had Jim Crow locals."

Sincerely and Fraternally, Thomas Lehman

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Michael Cohen wrote:
> >Does Labor in the US have enough clout to call for the resignation of
> >Fischer at the IMF. Getting rid of the American Leadership would
> >be the best first step outside Japanese involvment in improving the
> >situation.
> The AFL-CIO is completely behind the IMF; they'd never lobby for Fischer's
> dismissal. I'm sure this disturbs lots of the honorable people who work
> there, but that's the leadership's position. I also read in today's WSJ
> that the AFL-CIO will work with business to defeat the Kyoto global warming
> treaty.
> Doug

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