Henwood on Keynes

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 7 12:16:57 PDT 1998

Greg Nowell wrote:
>Henwood has made often, and in many avenues, his view
>that Keynes was an aristocratic snot. I think that
>this view has some substantive basis and that it is
>appropriate for a Marxist to point out that Keynes was
>not always on the side of "the little man." Maybe even
>not ever. And I think part of Henwood's critique is
>that he (Henwood) is allergic to the cynicism in
>"Citizen Kane"--Kane, played by Wells--says that it is
>better for the rich to defend the poor than that the
>poor should defend themselves (with, for example, good
>Marxist analysis). I think this goes to the nub of
>what Henwood dislikes in Keynes.

Man, I am telling you. Greg Nowell writes some righteous, erudite, heads up shit even when I disagree with it. What a contrast to Brad DeLong's garbage, which is 99% opinion. By the way, I noticed on DeLong's web page that he agrees with Rudy Rummel's assertion that Russian Communism purposely killed 62 million people. I suggest that DeLong think twice about lending support to Rummel's figures which are made from whole cloth. DeLong was a top official in the Dept. of the Treasury and is a professor at Berkeley. Meanwhile, Nowell is a professor at funky old Albany State. If I ever have kids, remind me to send them to Albany State.

Louis Proyect


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