Chomsky on media/Pol Pot

Mark Jones Jones_M at
Wed Oct 7 13:04:17 PDT 1998

Brad De Long wrote:

> Genocide is a bad thing, no matter who it is done by, no matter where, no
> matter when. Condemnations of acts of genocide are always welcome. They
> never lack "integrity."

According to B deLong, the Ukrainian famine in the 1920s was 'genocide' caused by Bolshevik policies. Is there some different logic at work in the deprival of their lives 'prematurely' by 'adverse circumstances' of more than 5 million Russians (according to Russian government statistics) between 1991-1996, which makes this not a genocide, a politically-sponsored and arranged genocide, the principal sponsor and arranger being the US Government? Why do you refuse to acknowledge the share in the guilt of your nation and its government in the on-going Russian genocide?

Mark Jones

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