The role of the state

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re: the FAI

It's true that the CNT was controlled by the FAI, but FAI was anarchist

tho a highly centralized party-type apparatus). Given war conditions, I can't see that this fact would serve to needle anyone but coffee-house libertarians.

I would personally recommend the Trotskyist analyses of the civil war: Trotsky himself or Felix Morrow's 'Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Spain' is a good intro

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I think it was Justin Schwartz who pointed out on the old Spoons Marxism list that Chomsky's "anarchism" is a pretense. In fact, a lot of Anarchists have taken to attacking Chomsky for being a liberal reformist, like in a recent issue of Anarchy (a miserable little self-indulgent journal that I wouldn't push on my worst enemy). Some critics suggest that Chomsky is actually a left-Marxist, whether he admits it or not. There's an interesting essay dealing with this at

Jim, you mentioned that the CNT was secretly guided by the FAI. I find this intriguing. Can you provide me with a source? I'd love to to needle some of my anarchist friends about this. Most of the literature on the Civil War is heavily pro-anarchist; I'd like to find a more "objective" source.

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