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Roland Klose piratepete at
Fri Oct 9 16:26:40 PDT 1998

Doug Henwood wrote:
> Two interesting items in this week's New York Observer.
> 1) A couple of weeks ago I forwarded an announcement from the "Working
> Families Party," an entity created in New York by the national New Party.
> It was endorsing the dreadful Democratic candidate for governor, NY City
> Council speaker Peter Vallone, with the hope of getting 50,000 votes on
> their party line, and with that, a permanent ballot line. The Observer's
> Devin Leonard reports that the WFP, icky name and all, is a creation of
> ex-NYC mayor David Dinkins and his cronies, designed to exact revenge on
> the Liberal Party, a patronage machine run by another hack, Ray Harding -
> beloved of reporters, because of he gives good quote. Despite their name,
> the Liberals endorsed Rudy Giuliani for mayor; their reward was senior city
> posts for Harding's two sons. The WFP hopes to drain away the Liberal
> voters, deprive the party of its 50,000 minimum needed to stay on the
> ballot, and thereby destroy the party. In 1993, the New Party served as a
> backup in case Dinkins lost the Dem nomination for mayor; they disappeared
> from view after that campaign. Now they reappear, endorsing a hack to
> destroy another. What a vision of independent politics!
> 2) Michael Thomas reports in his column: "I remember having a friendly
> argument with a since-to-be-famous intellectual about his son's wish to
> major in history. Where the hell was the career possibility in studying
> history, for Lord's sake, he fulminated. What the hell was the practical
> use of a history degree, where was the money in it? The speaker? One Myron
> S. Scholes, for whom the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science and a
> lucrative founding partnership in Long-Term Capital lay several years in
> the future."
> Doug

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