Chomsky and Hero Worship

John K. Taber jktaber at
Sun Oct 11 06:39:13 PDT 1998

William S. Lear wrote: [snip]
> You also overlook that an analysis of the Russian nomenclatura would
> be almost entirely useless for Americans, Chomsky's principle
> audience. He made it clear that he believed the Soviet Union to be a
> dungeon from top to bottom. Wasting time on detailing the corruption
> of Soviet intellectuals would do nothing for us, as we had no way to
> pressure them to change, as we do here in limited but important ways.

Are you sure about this? It seems to me that there is a strong resemblance between corporate governance and the Soviet nomenklatura. Granted, we couldn't do much to change Soviets, but I thought an analysis would help us understand ourselves.

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- Alan Greenspan to the Senate Budget Committee, Sept 23, 1998

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