Chomsky and Hero Worship

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Sun Oct 11 11:37:40 PDT 1998

Thanks for posting the Ehrenreich piece.

It should be realized that the Nation has a deep aversion to articles containing tables or graphs.

It should not be surprising, in this light, that BE can write an article reflecting gross innumeracy.

I'm reminded of a reference in a Nation article long ago. Somebody had written an ignorant article criticizing public choice theory. (It is possible to write a learned one criticizing it, but that's another story.) In response to a reader's objection, the reply cast aspersions on cold-hearted mathematics and the analysis of politics by use of a calculator.

> the right. The federal government of 1997 is a very different creature
from that of, say, 1977--more egregiously corrupt and sycophantic toward wealth, more glaringly repressive and even less responsive to the needs of low- and middle-income people. . . . >

What's the metric, one wonders, in vain, for any of these comparisons?

> . . . For me that point [where government could be imagined as
marginally useful -- mbs] was passed with the repeal of welfare in 1996, after which I could no longer imagine that my federal taxes served any compassionate function--or, more generally, that the government plays any redistributive role other than to promote the ongoing upward redistribution of wealth.>

If she looked at a table once in a while, she might have a clue.

> . . . The power to levy taxes, for example, is increasingly deployed to
tithe low- and middle-income people to subsidize the state functions--such as corporate welfare and the military--favored by the corporate elite. >

More unquantified nonsense.

BE can't count.

MBS (who can)

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