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Sun Oct 11 21:48:17 PDT 1998

hi ya'll-

The new military build-up seems to be flowing smoothly.

Little Stevie Forbes does go on in this months Forbes about the hollowing out of the military and Clinton's promise to find money to stop the erosion. Stevie is still worried though, given what Jimmy Carter did, and Clinton's aversion to the military. After all, he says, "the US could not mount today the kind of military operation it did in the Persian Gulf nearlly eight years back".

I think the military needs to learn how to shop. But luckily for Jr. they won't have to, if you can believe the smug assurances of Billy Kristol today on one of my stories.

Today on the UnBrinkley Show, George Will was trying to be principled by getting his shorts in an even bigger bunch about the money the Republicans say they will spend on education, if only the spending is locally controlled. George couldn't believe Dick Armey was saying these words. The dolt.

Finally when he continued bringing up this conservative betrayal, Bill Kristol pointed out to him, right there on the air, mind you, that now that the military budget was going to be growing, we wouldn't have anymore spare money, so there would be nothing to spend and George shouldn't get so excited.That calmed the slightly stunned looking fellow right down.

Speaking of stunned, there seeems to be a lot of that going around.

When Arafat was here right after The Video was released, the man looked like he could barely stand when they were in the rose garden.

The other night on the NewsHour, Larry Summers looked positively glazed as he spouted the same old, same old.

And I swear, what's his nose from the WSJ, the blonde Ebert to Mark Shields' Siskal, was doing some odd twitching Friday.


What exactly happens that results in the recent drop in the dollar. Is this something that just happens as a result of random circumstance?

And when Patrick says in this latest LBO that so.Africa's bank threw billions at speculators, what is the actual mechanism that is used to do this?

Also, (while I'm at it) when you guys say that the US gets stuff for free because of the large trade deficit, what's that aabout? I mean if IBM buys chips from Japan, they pay for them, right? Japan gets money. No? I'm sorry I just can't grasp this abstract money stuff.It's just not natural.

Also I want to say that I'm sure the lack of recognition of brother Perelman is the result of the integrity of his work. Not to mention being seen with the likes of NC. (I'm so jealous) In other words, he isn't recognized because he is NOT a, as the lusciously nubile young Brando once said, A SCUM SUCKING PIG.

Speaking of nastiness, these leftist tendencies to be lefter-than-thou are so counter productive, I just want to slap somebody. Even Mother Jones is a positive thing. Listen to me. Jeez. MJ is like the People mag of the alternative stuff and if I saw it in the check-out lines in supermarkets I would be joyous. Someone might actually read it and start thinking a little differently. Different stories. You want to attack somebody, attach Ken Hamlin, who is considered respectable though he uses charactors like a barely literate, fresh from jail,, black woman, who he interveiws. Gordon fucking Liddy is on that liberal tool CNN, what's that all about? There are plenty of obvious lies being successfully peddled to people who only pay attention for short periods of time, but we're busy attacking each other and being to cool to pay attention to the stories most Americans hear.

I want it stopped immediately.

BTW Doug, don't you think that extremely dramatic turn around in the Asian markets looks a little suspicious. I mean Kurrrr-plunk?

Yes child, conspiracy theories really do come true. (tuck-tuck).

Nighty-nite Paula

ps. my URL turned blue! I love this magic box!

BTW, I certainly enjoyed the Maxathon, but Max, did you get in much trouble?

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