Evolution of Federal Reserve Thinking

Michael Cohen mike at cns.bu.edu
Mon Oct 12 18:31:16 PDT 1998

DICKENS, EDWIN (973)-408-3024 wrote:

> Dear Michael Cohen,
> After
> years of research that often boils down to day-by-day accounts of "the
> evolution of Fed Politics," I'm a bit reluctant to reach for easy
> generalizations that can be stated briefly...

I get the drift of what you are saying. Thanks very much. I have some idea of what it means to do archival research for many years in the type of data you are dealing with. I also understand that the same archival material is not available I believe for the last 20 years. I would appreciate it if you could post for the benefit of this list references to your own or other peoples best research on the topic where a fuller nuanced and more accurate account is available. Thanks again.

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