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Tue Oct 13 11:24:30 PDT 1998

How about Jim Crow and Indian Reservations as a candidate for U.S fascism ? Even a pre-Italian fascism.

Charles Brown


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In a message dated 98-10-08 00:43:10 EDT, R Gibson says write:

<< No major industrial power got that way without a

fascist historical background or continuing imperial ties to fascism. >>

This is vacuous. The US never had a fascist historical background. If it had "continuing imperial ties" to dascism, it was only in the sense that all capitalsit countries have global ties. Britain too never had a fascist background. There was of course appeasement, which is a sort of historical tie, in the 30s, closer than anything the US had, but if the suggestion is that capitalsim leads inelectably to fascism or some such Third Period nonsense, this is foolishness.


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