Japanese bank bailout

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Tue Oct 13 14:02:48 PDT 1998

[The lead paragraphs of an email update from the Grant's Interest Rate Observer conglomerate. It's written by Jeff Uscher, editor of Grant's Asia Observer. A $513 billion recapitalization is a serious bailout. It took the U.S. economy about 5 years to recover after the thrift/bank bailout was launched in 1989, but the stock market did just fine. - Doug]

>Japan To Pass Y 60 Trillion Bank Bailout Legislation Tonight
>October 12, 1998
>Late in the evening of October 12 (Tokyo time) the Liberal Democratic
>Party (LDP) managed to break the opposition logjam that had, until now,
>prevented the passage of crucial banking legislation. The six banking
>bills, which have been languishing in the Diet for months now, are
>expected to be passed by the Lower House tonight (October 13 Tokyo time)
>and will then be sent to the opposition-controlled Upper House. It is
>expected that the Upper House will pass the bills into law before the
>end of the current Diet session on October 16.
>Readers should understand that the new laws are not intended to reform
>the Japanese banking system. This is a bailout package--and a very
>generous one at that. In total, Y 60 trillion (US$513 billion) will be
>allocated to recapitalizing Japan's rotting banking system and for
>indemnifying depositors.

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