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Mathew Forstater forstate at levy.org
Wed Oct 14 07:06:10 PDT 1998

I understand. THE ESSENTIAL cost me $8 at Barnes and Noble so you can probably get it at a used bookstore or over the internet for less. Also, it can be useful to have it all in one nice portable paperback. And some may not already own the entire WEALTH. Of course, you can get TMS from the library or buy the whole book. I should have mentioned, the main use I have made of THE ESSENTIAL is in the classroom. Smith is a very effective tool for critiquing contemporary capitalism among conservative students. The authority of the name goes a long way with them. I should mention that there are of course, some key passages from the WEALTH that are missing from THE ESSENTIAL.

Carrol Cox wrote:

> Mathew Forstater wrote:
> > Heilbroner's THE ESSENTIAL ADAM SMITH includes excellent excerpts ...AN INQUIRY INTO
> > NATIONS (WN), as well as ...
> I realize it couldn't be otherwise, but it always irks me when a collection of an
> author ALSO includes the work of that author which one owns independently. I would hate
> to pay for excerpts from *Wealth*.
> Carrol

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