Evolution of FED thinking--humor

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at primenet.com
Wed Oct 14 08:32:00 PDT 1998

Hello everyone,

Chuck Grimes writes Tuesday Oct. 13/98: This reminds me of something that happened at work last Saturday. I fix wheel chairs and you will never guess who was sitting in the shop at the same time. A vice president of Wells Fargo in San Francisco, and a Federal Reserve Bank, banking auditor (federal region nine is HQ'd in SF).

Doyle Hey Bro, I used to work on wheelchair seating systems. You must mean Neil when you say Wells Fargo VP. He is a cool guy. Knows computers like you wouldn't believe. Gave me a couple of books on object oriented computing. I write to him all the time about what happens on LBO. I'll tell him you were working on his chair and wrote about his opinion. I rant at him all the time, and he patiently listens to "commie" rhetoric and then tells me we ought to privatize social security. He and I read books once a month. This month "Stones From The River". Oprah approved.

Doyle Neil is very interesting about the clash of corportate cultures in regard to how computers and the strategies of banking. regards, Doyle

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