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Thanks of the definition Greg. As I suspected, the whole thing is goofy. Anyway, the point I was trying to get to, after a basic understanding, was how purposeful the rise in the dollar could have been, by US guvment, I mean. It just felt significant. Now, according to the STRATFOR alert I just forwarded, the Japanese think it was both purposeful and significant. Only they don't like it, and I was thinking they would. Like I thought it meant we were trying to help them and my currency question was leading me to just how much control the guv could have over such things. Ya know what I mean?

BTW, I'm sorry I didn't put emphasis on the part of the alert I was alluding to, but I can't seem to find a text editor thing on Eudora.

I think the reason this money stuff is so hard to lpin down for the amatur is because on TV they speak of it like it's so cut and dried, but it's not. And like the whole familiar context is bs and something that retards understanding. Or maybe it's just me!

Money Market;

Yea, I have a very conservative, low yield(under 5%, which is fine with me) MM at Babson. I gather from your post that to get a brokerage account where I ffeel safe, I'll just have to carefully check for maturity and no funny business. Tobias said this MM that lost money was named something like US Government Trust, but they speculated on interest rates and lost. I'm not sure how that happens, but I suppose they must have been doing something besides buying government paper and holding it. IOW-funny business.

If I had a brokerage account I could have already transferred a few bucks into a Wright Equi-Fund Japan Roth, weeks ago. Instead of watching it go up everyday. Boo-Hoo Of course if we were to get into some sort of Economic Cold War with Asia, then, as the beloved but still dead president, Richard Nixon once said,.."That would be bad."

smooches Paula

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