unobserved skill

James Baird jlbaird3 at
Thu Oct 15 08:36:13 PDT 1998

>Oops, I misunderstood what you meant here, Rakesh. My apologies.
>However, I think that this is still not a good example. First of all,
>the salaries that highly qualified foreign engineers and programmers
>through the H-1 program, in my experience, are essentially the same as
>those of Americans of similar experience. If you have any evidence to
>the contrary, I'd be _very_ interested in taking a look at it.

I used to work for a consulting company where I was the only American engineer (at least in the networking department). They moved me out to San Francisco, and it was only after I got here that I realized that they paid a fraction of what I could get elsewhere. I left - and I found out that this place specialized in importing "indentured servants", paying them below market rates, and hiring them out for a tidy profit. That's just one company, but I've got to believe it goes on elsewhere.

Jim Baird

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