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Fri Oct 16 06:30:57 PDT 1998

Yesterday I was listening to Neil Boortz, our local Limbaugh. He calls himself a Libertarian but he usually pulls all the Republican strings. He was livid and calling for Repubs not to vote. Said if we had to suffer through a few bad Congresses, so be it. His main objections: The kow-towing of the Republicans to the Christian Coalition and of course, their "caveing to Clinton" on the issues. (he attributes this to polls). He went on about leaveing women the hell alone(abortion). Said these folks should start a Christian Party or The Rapture Party or some such, but that they shouldn't be running the Republican party. Warnings of est. of a theogracy. I've been listening to this guy for years, usually pretty predictable. I was very surprised at what I was hearing yesterday.

His only exception, vote for Paul Coverdele, because the dem. Michael Coles was only being supported by Dem. Party so he could "protect his buddy, Clinton".

Needless to say, I think Neil is being naive on the last point. But we shall see.

Yes child, conspiracy theories really do come true. (tuck-tuck)


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