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Thomas Kruse tkruse at
Fri Oct 16 15:52:28 PDT 1998

>This brings to mind the early Tom Hanks movie "Volunteers". My favorite
>scene from the movie has Hanks (playing an upper crust Bostonian who
>joins the Peace corps to escape a gambling debt) getting off the plane
>in Thailand and telling the Thais crowded around him, as he holds up
>handfuls of money, "Yes, that's right... Rich American!"
>Jim Baird, who's mind is a pop-culture wasteland...

Another, as told to me by a woman friend who was travelling in Guatemala: A little girl asked her "eres rica [are you rich]?" My friend, long time social justice activist etc., and by US stds NOT rich, was a bit taken aback. "Why do you suppose I am?" she responded. "Well," the girl replied, "you're white, and you're here."


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