Fed cuts rates; crisis over?

K d-m-c at worldnet.att.net
Sat Oct 17 07:49:41 PDT 1998

Doug wrote:

>The status quo is almost by definition a kind of
normality. If you have
>some evidence that the Hyundai workers were
talking about a new kind of
>society, by all means please share it.

Doug, doug, doug. Tsk Tsk. Marx also wrote, in a letter to Arnold Ruge I believe (memory fails), that the goal of critical theory was, to paraphrase, work with existing social struggles in order to get people to move beyond their bourg views to more radical forms of consciousness. Critique with the goal of actual social change was the goal. Is this not what motivated so much of his critique of utopian socialism--a social movement he saw as a bourg response but one that could be revolutionized through much needed marxist critique?


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