GrrRl Power

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Sun Oct 18 17:10:59 PDT 1998

SnitgrrRl wrote:

>Doug wrote:
>>That's just the point. They represent girl power
>as the
>>Thatcher-sympathizing assumption of cliched babe
>roles scripted by others.
>>What's feminist about that?
>But, but Doug. I thought you recognized at least
>*some* progressive potential in identity politics
>a la Judith Butler. I mean I recall you saying,
>after you read her latest, that you could see some
>good points but that, in the end, she just seemed
>to refuse to elaborate a way to, paraphrasing,
>"put one foot in front of the other" so to speak.
>So, could we see some *potential* for undermining
>those stereotypes precisely by playing them to the
>hilt with a kind of in-yer-face Thatcherite Babe
>Persona designed to get folks to challenge their
>assumptions about what it means to be a woman? Or
>somesuch. Anyway, Paul, the eight year old boys
>like the Spice Girls, too. At least, my son and
>his friends did when they were eight. Now,
>they're 11, so fagedaboudit!! (Is that how you
>spell it, NY style?) And, more to the point, as I
>recall they had some pretty radical understandings
>about women and grrRl power at the time.
>Something about how girls were tougher than boys,
>or at least one of the Spice Girls looked tougher.
>The conversation also went into the idea that
>girls were smarter than boys too. Hmmmm.

Yeah, but aren't the Spice Girls, like the Donnas, put together by some man or other? Who writes their material? (There's always some impurity.)

I hear we have some Spice Babies on the way. It is a Spice World, and it has me scared.


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