GrrRl & Politically Purchasing Power

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Mon Oct 19 14:44:39 PDT 1998

> I do wonder why you make the distinction
>between ethical and political. Aren't normative
>claims also political ones? This doesn't
>*necessarily* collapse the political *into* the

I would say normative claims or ethical precepts only become political if they become objects of public, collective consideration in relation to reform (or revolution). When I am driving towards a squirrel in the road I honk my horn, but I don't expect to have any impact on the survival of the species.

>Someone (Tom L I think) sent me to a web site
>list of USWA approved food products . . .

My proposed rule of boycotts, with all respect to Tom, is that two products is a boycott. More than that and you've got a lifestyle, not a political campaign.

>Oh but Ginger was THE Thatcherite Babe. . . .

Well then to the devil with her.

>But do tell about the Temptations and Jimmy Ruffin

Not much to tell. He was the heartthrob of the group, lead singer (tall, skinny, hair conk, black, nerd-style glasses), went off on his own, and didn't amount to much.


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