Hi Prices and Flak for El Professor

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Mon Oct 19 15:48:57 PDT 1998

>Why on earth not. I can get cheap oranges in the
>Northeast. Why not cheese in the South. This
>must be some sort of perverse cabal against the
>Yankee North. Think about it: isn't cheese much,
>much easier to preserve for a lengthy time since,
>afterall, good cheese is *aged* (KC)

Excuse me, SnitgirrRl, Flo, but Florida is not the south. I know, I grew up in Pompano and went to school at USF(Tampa). I had to come north to Georgia to get to the south, and I guess we have good cheese here. I know we got snobby, expensive cheese.

I went to school in Lakeland for a couple years. The best pizza I ever had was at a place there called Jerry's. It was rectangular and nice and greasy. People rave about the pizza at the restarant I work in. The Pero's are from NY. But it's not as good as Jerry's in Lakeland Fl.

BTW, the place I work is right off I-75, So whether you're heading for Disney, South Beach, or Ybor City, ya'll stop by and see me y'hear.

And BTW-SGl., doesn't K-mart just suck?

And BTW again, go to a Jewish deli. Lot's of those in Fl. with lots of good foods.

Overlimit and probably coming back for more- pms

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