GrrRl & Union Organizing

Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Tue Oct 20 05:32:24 PDT 1998

Dear Doug,

Any comments on "Organize" by Mike Stout and the Human Union.

Fraternally, Tom Lehman

Doug Henwood wrote:

> jf noonan wrote:
> >> Thomas Waters
> >> twaters at
> >> 1021 East Oak Hill Avenue, Knoxville TN 37917
> >> But this wall is not real. How can it be real?
> >> It's only made of concrete and barbed wire.
> >
> >Damn that is a good album. I saw her in New Orleans in July, the best
> >show by anyone I'd seen in some time. Her first album (originally on
> >Rough Trade) has recently been re-released. I've got _Car Wheels" on
> >a tape in the car with Mermaid Avenue on the other side.
> So what's Lucinda Williams' story, anyway. Father's a "poet," right? Is she
> some sophisticate assuming the white trash personna, to the great pleasure
> of urban intellectuals, or does it come from the bones?
> Doug

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