GirrRl and Politically Purchaseing Power

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> Is it possible that adjuncts(whatever they are)

Adjuncts are non-tenured, non-permanent, non-supported teaching staff at universities. They are a notch up the totem pole from TA's, but not much. I think they exist purely to save the Uni money, they are not, in general, expected to advance. In the old days, (15 years ago when I was in college), adjuncts were typically people who had full time jobs elsewhere and taught part time for extra dough or because they liked to teach. Nowadays, they are doing the bulk of classroom instruction (that the grad students don't do) so that the Uni can save money. It's the same reason industry uses permanent "temps". Check out Carey Nelson's work on this topic.

> and medical residents, and

With medical residents, you're spot on. It's good old fashioned macho "trial by fire" type training. "That which does not kill me makes me stronger" etc. Plus, the house staff saves the attendings from actually having to see patients very often.

> young corporate types,etc, are made to suffer crueling schedules, at low
> saleries, just so they will become arrogant elitists. Or is it some
> penocentric, no pain, no gain thing?


> They keep you jumping through hoops, till you're ready to make others jump.
> I'm not saying capitalism is men's fault, but I can't imagine even yukky
> women coming up with this system. But I'm repeating myself. Myself. Myself.
> Still climbing
> pms


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