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Tue Oct 20 10:14:41 PDT 1998

[Did anyone else get this? Collage students indeed...]

Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 09:08:31 -0400 (EDT) From: InterRacial <End_White_Rule at hotmail.com> To: <dhenwood at panix.com> Subject: END WHITE RULE NOW --- THIS IS WAR Mime-Version: 1.0

Listen up you white trailer trash,

We as beatiful people of color are apalled at the feet draging going on to cencor these white trash scum off of the internet. Our president William Clinton has stated over and over that whites WILL become a minoritey in America. If this so why are these iliteurate white scum allowed to have there white european-trashy garbage on the internet?

We are asking your help by targeting these extremly racist web cites. Let them know we will not tolerate them or any resistence to the multi-cultural will of the people get these sites banned call the host and politcians too and yell to them. And take whats left of your christmas and easter and white trash holidays with you on your way out. END RACISM NOW


RACIST IDEAS #1white racist trash http://www.stormfront.org/

RACIST SPEECH http://www.natall.com/

ANTI-SEMATISM http://www.jewwatch.com/

RACIST COLLAGE STUDENTS http://esu.simplenet.com/table.htm European American Students Union

RACIST POLATICS http://www.duke.org/ David Duke

WHITE BEGGARS http://www.eaif.org/ European American Issues Forum

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