alexlocascio at juno.com alexlocascio at juno.com
Tue Oct 20 14:55:30 PDT 1998

>>Excuse me, SnitgirrRl, Flo, but Florida is not
>the south.

The hell it ain't. You just grew up in the wrong part of Florida. :-)

I was born in South Miami, but grew up in Homestead, which is culturally South. Okay, so South Florida has more Hispanics than your average Southern State. But if you ask me, there isn't a huge difference between the right-wing Cubans who dominate South Florida and the good ol' crackers who rule the rest of the South.

I've lived in Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina, and quite frankly, they're all more-or-less the same. I tend to agree with Justin Schwartz that Sherman had the right idea about the South.

I can't really comment on the cheese issue, since I grew up on good ol' processed American cheese purchased from the local Publix (they still have Publix in Florida, right?).

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